While the most common perception attached to search engine optimisation is that it is only focused around website ranking or weblinks, this is not the case.

Have you ever noticed? There is always a video in your search results as well. Video marketing can greatly improve your SEO. There are numerous reasons why making a video plays a vital role for your SEO strategy, some of them are mentioned below.


Let’s clear it out, search engine algorithms do not depend on text only. Although text is a dominant content form, algorithms scan for relevancy in all media forms. Therefore, videos cannot be ignored. A mixture of text and videos adds diversity to the content you have on your website which is quintessential for search engine optimisation. Other than this, adding videos also improves the overall quality of your content. From this it can be understood that an algorithm heavily relies on two metrices for SEO, quality of the content and relevancy of the content. If done correctly, videos can help you to boost your SEO rankings exponentially.


Let’s face it, no like to reading long paragraphs. Customers always prefer videos over long texts. Videos are not only more engaging but easier to watch and give the consumer the confidence they need for making the purchase. Additionally, if videos are uploaded consistently, relevant traffic would visit your website repetitively. This in turn would increase the overall people visiting the page leading to increased SEO ranking in the long run.


Videos keep people engaged on your website for longer time periods. Videos lead to a higher dwell time for the traffic, as there are high chances that they might stop and watch one. Dwell is basically the time spent on the website by a user after loading it. The higher the dwell time, better your search engine ranking gets. Apart from content engagement, videos also increase the time spent by a user on your website because of the user experience. User experience has an immense impact on SEO. Some catchy graphics, animations or videos can single-handedly improve the experience of the user coming on to your website.


Adding videos would not only increase your search engine ranking but would also help you to generate potential leads as well as convert them into purchases. As mentioned earlier, a video gives a viewer the confidence they need to buy a product. It acts as an effective marketing tool. Videos and tutorials can help you to navigate the customer through the sales funnel by answering some of their most important concerns about the product.

To conclude it all, video is rich content format that can keep the customers retained on your website and induce a behaviour where they keep coming back for more. It is imperative that videos are designed and structured in a manner that they catalyse the SEO process and generate some if not great sales as well.