Over the last few years, an increase in online business activities is seen. Owing to the pandemic, most if not all businesses have shifted themselves online.

Those that have not are still in the process and by the end of this year, they would also move up the ladder. In order to grow online you need to have an effective website and webservers play a vital role in this.

A slow and unresponsive website would lead to loss in revenue as the customer would move to another website. Therefore, many businesses especially small scale are moving towards VPS hosting. While previously there were only two types of hosting, dedicated and shared, VPS is a new form that is faster and cheaper. Following are some of the benefits VPS hosting has for small businesses.


In case of virtual private server, a specific amount of CPU core, memory and space is allocated to each client unlike a shared server where everyone uses the same. This leads to better computing power and faster loading websites. When compared with shared hosting, there is no noisy neighbour syndrome as well. This essentially means that while there might be other tenants on the server, they would have their own server block.


The greatest issue faced by business owner by using traditional hosting is that they have little to no access to root environment. Also making changes in a shared hosting server is extremely difficult as it might affect other businesses. Similarly, dedicated servers are extremely expensive. For a small-scale business, every dollar counts. Every expenditure decision comes at an opportunity cost. VPS ensures that the owner has complete root access and can make amends easily.


If you are a small business that can predict the amount of traffic generated on your website or you are a large business where there is no fixed number, VPS can be of great help. Since VPS uses virtualisation technology, you can always expand on the power allocated to your server. On top of that, an upgrade doesn’t even require any downtime. Thus, even while updating your website you would be up and running.


Since there are no other clients using the server, it is very secure. The chances of getting attacked are also reduced. Moreover, you can add security plugins and server-side security measures to further secure your website. This is also possible in dedicated servers but the cost for having a dedicated server is very high and can be way out of budget for a small-scale business.

Overall, VPS hosting can be a great help for small scale business as it provides them with all the computational power that they need with affordable costs. Using VPS companies can grow and even get ranked on search engines very easily.

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