The idea behind a press release is that it is a tool that helps you to communicate and market your company’s newsworthy content to people.

An online press release provides you with both, direct and indirect benefit. The direct benefit of press release is that people visit your press release link and then redirect to your company’s website. The indirect benefit gained from an SEO press release is that you get picked by digital media outlets such as blogs and e-newspapers that further your narrative to their audience. Following are some tips that might help you design a press release for SEO.


SEO feels incomplete without keywords. Search engine optimisation always comes with keywords, so start adding them. It is always a good idea to use as much keywords as possible. Additionally, try to convey a summary of your narrative using the keywords in the first 250 words. The reason behind this is twofold, it would help your SEO to rank on the search engine and would also keep the readers engaged. Since a press release is a targeted content piece it should be delivered to the target audience only and this cannot be done without keywords.


A valuable headline is the most important component of press release. It only helps you to grab the attention of the audience but also helps for SEO ranking. A rule of thumb is that the headline should deliver some information to the user. The more interesting headline is more click would it get. It also a better idea to add a core keyword in your headline to make it standout among other search results. Essentially the headline should comprise of three things, the message, the logic and the emotional appeal. A valuable headline would have all the three.


Never forget to add links and contacts of your business towards the end of your press release. Since the main objective of a press release is to provide information to interested parties, links and contacts would help them to reach out to you. Additionally, it would lead people that visited your press release to your main website.


All the information provided in the press release might prove to be useless if there is no call to action. You need to have a call to action in the end of the press release to convert the reader into a potential lead. A call to action would help you to place the interested audience at the start of the sales funnel. Identify what you want to the readers to do and then include the relevant call to action in the end. A pro tip here, try not to use the conventional call to action techniques / phrases rather incentive the reader for the call to action. This would help you to convert more readers.

Press release can act as powerful tool to convey your message. Optimising your press release can help it to reach your target audience and generate the results that you anticipated.

If you are interested in leveraging the power of the press release for your business whether its to announce a new product launch, a brochure or to announce an industry award you may have won, and need help with the copy and distribution contact us.